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June 13: in honor of St. Anthony of Padua

June 13: in honor of St. Anthony of Padua

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In Anthony of Padua, we can see a sign of God's Mercy: he had a great passion for man that he was not afraid of risking his life for the Gospel, and for the good of many sisters and brothers, poor or rich, usurers or honest and generous people. His word was an effective, true, profound announcement for all, which led to conversion. If even today, after so many centuries, we nurture so much devotion to Saint Anthony is a sign that holiness is a call that attracts.

His fiery word still rings out today in the heart of each of us as an invitation to the renewal of the heart, as a provocation to go out, from narrow personal horizons to take care of the good of many. Anthony urges us, even today, to be "in solidarity in the heights of a holy life" (cfr. Sermon of Saint Anthony), to take up courageously, each one of its part, this journey of sanctification for the good of the People which we are called to love and serve.

 pdfFrom the Writings of Saint Anthony

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