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Charismatic Identity

Charismatic Identity

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The Charism

The vocation and mission of the Religious  Franciscan Sisters of St Anthony

  • 1. Faithful to the evangelical vocation and the form of life proposed

by Francis of Assisi and Mother Miradio of the Providence,

we Religious Franciscan Sisters of St Anthony

make ourselves disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • 2. And, in attitude of filial abandonment to the Providence,

of  availability to the Church and to the needs of people,

we are committed  to live,

in evangelical radicality, simplicity, poverty and Franciscan joy,

the mission of evangelization and human promotion

of the most disadvantaged and needy,

especially of the children and the youth,

to seek the glory of God and the common good.

The glory of God and the common good

  • 1. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his justice,

and all these things will also be given to you”[1];

is the Word that inspired the foundational  project

of the Poor Daughters of St Anthony.

  • 2. “Here I found a lot to work

but  everything redounds to the  common good,

the only motive that spur me  to sacrifice myself

after the glory of God”[2].

The glory of God and the common good:

is the foundational intention of Mother Miradio

it is the ultimate goal of the mission 

that she  proposed to our Congregation.

  • 3. Seeking the Glory of God means

recognizing Him as the Lord of History,

of humanity and one’s own personal story

which bear  the imprint of God, Father and Creator.

 “The Missionaries of charity”[3]

  • 1. Mother Miradio, together with her first companions,

indicates “in practising humility,

of simplicity, charity and sacrifice”[4]

the style of the mission of the “Daughters of St Anthony,

always ready to soothe pains,

dry tears, and comfort the anxious[5]

  • 2. In love with Christ,

to the extent of feeling  suffering

for the absence of daily communion[6],

immersed in prayer “safe refuge for all”[7],

nourishes and asks for constant “thoughtfulness, sweetness and charity”[8]

for the poor and the little ones, for whom, “as needed according to need”[9]

activates a “great  social action”[10]

through a concrete  service of charity[11].

The  Religious Franciscan Sisters of St Anthony[12]

  • 1. Aggregated to the Order of the Friars Minor

(2nd April 1906)[13],

we are called to relive the spiritual experience

of St Francis of Assisi

“in whose spirit” Mother Miradio “wanted to form

the Congregation,

especially for what concerns the practice

of humility,

of simplicity,

of charity,

of sacrifice

and of prayer”[14].

  • 2. Faithful therefore, to our Franciscan-Miradian vocation,

in the following of Jesus Christ,

abandoned to the Providence,

we want to live,

the  Incarnation and the Kenosis,

appropriate to the “servants to the poor”,

to “seek the glory of God and the common good[15]

and give life to a communal,

servant, evangelizing Congregation.

The Lay Miradian Family “Friends of Mother Miradio”

  • 1. In the spirit of communion we welcome the lay sisters and brothers

who wish to live, with greater fullness,

their Baptism and ecclesial dimensions

of Christian life, according to one’s state  of life

within the context of the Franciscan Charism entrusted

to Mother Miradio of the Providence of Saint Cajetan.

  • 2. The constitutions of the Lay Family “Friends of Mother Miradio”

is legitimized by the General Superior,

with the consent of her Council,

who approved the Statute and its modifications

and presides  the Assembly.

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[12] The modification of the title  from “Poor Daughters of St Anthony” to Religious Franciscan Sisters of St Anthony was   proposed by the Special Chapter 1968/69. The Congregation of the Religious recognized the new name with Rescript of 7th July 1969.

[13] Cfr. Decree of Affiliation, 2nd April 1906, by the Minister General Father Dionisio Schuler.

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