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The Evangelizing Mission

The Evangelizing Mission

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Evangelization and human promotion

  • 1. The Heart of our evangelization mission

is the announcement of Christ: we are, always and everywhere,

joyful witnesses to the glory of the Risen Christ,

to tell everyone about the Gospel of Hope

with the strength  of faith.

  • 2. And in looking at Him we live

in evangelical radicality, simplicity, poverty and Franciscan joy,

the mission of Evangelization and human promotion

for the most disadvantaged and needy,

especially  for the little ones  and the  youth[1].

  • 3. So, we walk in the History

“with the spirit and zeal of an apostle and missionary”[2] of Mother Miradio,

animated by a profound desire

to work for the glory of God so that he “is praised and loved”[3].

The Spirituality of Insertion

  • 1. Our missionary life is nourished and sustained

by a strong spirituality of insertion

in the living conditions of  the people,

of presence amongst people, solidarity,

compassion and maternal tenderness,

of the  protection and women promotion,

of fraternity and equality.

  • 2. Lived with humility and meekness of the beautitudes[4],

it becomes a challenge and prophecy against any form of dominance and power.

The territory, new work

  • 1.On the mysterious ways of God’s Providence[5]

we are asked the same “spirit of active charity”[6]

of Mother Miradio, whose words reveal:

The voice of the people moves me and disarms me[7].

For this we are urged to offer, without counting the cost,

and with a merciful and loving heart,

our gifts of nature and grace spreading them

abundantly and without sparing,

at the feet of our brothers and sisters[8].

  • 2. We inhabit the territory as a theological place[9]

where God lives. It is the new work

in which we are called to live and witness 

the spirituality of the Incarnation[10].

  • 3. For this we work “for the salvation of the souls

and for the spiritual and physical good of the people”[11],

with that trait of proximity, proper to our Charism,

modelled on the way of Jesus.

Missionaries of charity

  • 1. We are “missionaries of charity[12]

always and everywhere in the land of our origin and beyond the borders of our homeland.

  • 2. With ardent missionary action

we announce the Gospel of peace, of justice and mercy[13],

by taking on the guidelines of the New Evangelisation[14],

tenacious and patient in facing difficulties and trials,

open to collaboration with all those

who sincerely seek the Kingdom of God,

respectful of the culture and the richness of every  People.

Loving as Mary

  • 1. In the desire to be loving

like a mother[15], always and towards everyone,

we look at the Heart of the Mary Immaculate, our model[16],

to learn the traits of a discreet and ardent missionary style,

attentive and close to human situations,

the expression of fully productive femininity.

  • 2. Like Her, Mother and Disciple of the Son,

we want to offer an attentive  and solicitous presence

in the local Churches where we live;

we want to serve our brothers with the same loving availability

with which She accompanied Elizabeth,

followed the growth of Jesus,

participated at the wedding  of Cana

and supported the first steps in the Church.

Journey  with the Church in the New Evangelization

  • 1. In virtue of the indispensable missionary dimension[17]

of our religious life,

we are inserted into the Ecclesial journey[18] of the New Evangelization[19]

of the men and women of our time.

  • 2. In this context, and in full harmony

with the missionary passion[20]  of Mother Miradio,

the ultimate  goal and purpose of our Apostolic action,

in every place and every  time,

is “the glory of God and the common good[21].

Preferential option for the poor

Aware that predilection for the poor

belongs to the heart of the Gospel,

we want to promote justice and respect

for the dignity of every person and every People,

placing ourselves next to the little ones and the poor[22],

icon of the Lord[23],

by taking care of  what the world neglects[24].

Educational charity

  • 1. We are called to educate

the conscience of children and youth

“to the true, the good and the beautiful[25]

through “the formation of the heart

and instilling in them sentiments of love”[26]

so that they can  contribute  to building a better society[27].

  • 2. That is why, we accompany the young generations

through an educational charity

that does not transmit notions, theories or behaviour patterns

but raises questions,

offers meaningful answers and contributes in creating

a new human and Christian culture[28].

General Apostolic Project

  • 1. Let us all converge

in a common General Apostolic Project[29],

expression of the union of spirit

in mutual charity.

  • 2. This commit us to promote organization,

the cooperation and sharing of energies,

skills and resources,

so that the mission realized is unitary,

lived in creative fidelity to our Charism

and in the respect of the sane  Traditions

of the Congregation.

Works and Services

  • 1. At the school of “great social action”[30]

unfolded by Mother Miradio[31],

we continue to choose  the poor,

we nourish our availability to the Ecclesial service,

taking care of the educational mission

for little ones and the young people.

  • 2. We cultivate a profound closeness

to the person and his story

through schools, communities for minors,

communities for the elderly,

community of insertion

and all those works and services

that allow us to make significant

the foundational intention of Mother Miradio.

  • 3. The works and services

in the field of socio-educational charity

and Evangelization,

are signs of an evangelical presence

at the service of the primacy of God and of the person.

For this we dedicate ourselves to them

with professional competence,

attention of  the heart[32],

sense of gratitude and sharing[33].

Signs of times

  • 1. The presence of the Holy Spirit invites us

to allow ourselves to be provoked by voices from History,

by the pleas of the poor and of the  society

often wounded and confused.

This History, which belongs to us,

in which God is present and operates,

is the place where we experience Grace,

where to serve  humanity is seeking the Glory of God.

  • 2. Faithful to Mother Miradio’s foundational inspiration

and with dynamic fidelity to our mission,

“as needed according to need”[34],

we adapt their forms to new situations

and in different contexts[35].


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